Bob Ashcroft


I grew up in Norfolk, the least exciting/adventurous place in the world, unless you have a tractor fetish. Lucky from a fairly young age I realised kayaking is pretty cool and soon after rock climbing too (the rocks where outside of norfolk). I ended up going to university in the lake district, where I used a flexible attitude toward my own self preservation and bank balance, to go on loads of adventures all over the place and really get properly hooked on adventurous stuff.

It was upon one of these faithful ventures that I visited Nepal for the first time, discovering how good kayaking outside of the UK is and a love for a country I would end up spending a considerable amount of time in. After finishing university I spent a while traveling the world going white water kayaking, working anywhere that would pay or feed me and worrying my mother somewhat.

I don’t worry my mother so much these days, I still love adventurous stuff though!

What’s your next big personal project?

Moving to east Africa at the end of the summer

Where is your favourite place?

North west Nepal

Who motivates you?

Some of the pioneers of really adventurous kayaking like Gerry Moffatt, Hendri Coetzee or Doug Ammons

What’s your speciality?

Eating chips and going on kayaking holidays