Super Sense

Andy Shipley recently joined the TYF team in devising a series of workshops designed to alter our perspective of the world and grant participants the ability to become more conscious of a situation and draw on the full array of talents within themselves and those around them.

Andy Shipley says "The unprecedented severity, global scale and interrelated nature of the challenges we face requires a response of equivalent magnitude. History consistently demonstrates that only when we set aside our differences and act in a spirit of trust and shared endeavor do we define ourselves as our best. Nothing other than our best will do now."

The Super Sense experience is about discovering what we’re not seeing, what we’re not hearing, and how we are communicating. It creates the opportunity to discover how we relate to confidence, how we take responsibility, and how we allow ourselves to trust both ourselves and others.

Andy Middleton, Founder Director of TYF, said: “The development of the Super Sense programme has been a breathtaking experience for us, as well as the people that we’ve introduced it to. For too long, we’ve treated too much of what is invisible as unimportant; working with our visually impaired colleagues has shown that appreciation of the unseen opens up both new experiences of nature’s magic and a new way of sensing the views, feelings and opinions of people that we’ve only seen through the easiest lens.”

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