A seat at the table

The challenge

The world is changing at unprecedented speed and the best chance we have to make the right decisions for our future will come from civic society, business and government working in very different ways. Nigel Topping, the UN’s High Level Climate Action Champion is clear about why this is so vital: "The world 10 years from now will look very different from today as we undergo the profound impacts of climate change. The recent IPCC Report has made it clear this is an urgent and perilous moment for humanity, and we need to harness the full force of our collective innovation, ingenuity and creativity to unlock the exponential solutions needed for the many challenges at hand." 

About TYF

TYF have been at the forefront of ethical business practices for 35 years. Despite those decades of graft, building our culture and learning, the challenges of Covid forced us to take a long look in the mirror and have some difficult conversations about how hard we were prepared to fight to survive and was what we were fighting for. It quickly became clear that with a few changes and more ambitious targets we could turn business that was already amazing into a kick-ass social enterprise that could change the world in a far bigger way.

Joining Boardroom2030 was a logical next step and connects us into a network of like-minded businesses who, like us, want to formally represent, celebrate and champion the different voices that exist in our local community.

What does this mean?

TYF will invite stakeholders that represent social justice and environmental issues to take part in our board meetings and help shaping the strategy and steer the decisions we make going forwards in ways that will help us maximise the positive impact we have for nature, community, and future generations.

We commit to continue trailblazing paths that others can follow and showing what the power for good that can be achieved when people work together towards bold, shared goals.

Next steps

1. We will host a full team meeting in October 2021 to explore and model what our future board meetings and business could look like.

2. We will reach out to stakeholders to get their input on what issues they feel are most important.

3. We will engage with the inspirational networks of B-Corps, Real Living Wage employers and Boardroom2030 members to share best practice. 

4. We will account for future generations and represent nature in all major decisions that our company makes. 

Get involved

If you are interested in collaborating with us on this project or finding out more then please get in touch with Jack Middleton (

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