Kristin Rødland Buick
4th December 2017

A micro adventure with a purpose

We love and live off the sea. It is what TYF life is all about. So there is nothing more disheartening than being tangled in a plastic rope during a coasteering session or ending up with plastic bags on the kayak paddle. Yet we find it everywhere; little microbeads of plastic in the rockpools, plastic bottles washed up on the beach.

Plastic on your plate 

A shocking 12.7 million tonnes of plastic end up in the ocean every year, from ropes to plastic bags, kids toys and toiletries. Travelling on ocean currents it finds its way to every corner of the world, from the beaches of Pembrokeshire to Pacific islands and the Arctic. 

It is not only littering our beaches, but choking and entangling fish and seabirds and clogging up stomachs of animals mistaking it for food. Plastic is now entering into every level of the ocean food chain. Chances are you are most likely eating tiny micro beads in your fish dinner!

2 minutes of your walk 

The easiest place to start is to pick up. Spend two minutes picking litter next time you go to the beach and your small effort joins a plastic picking movement of thousands of ordinary people around the world. Together those two minutes become days and weeks of litter picking. Every picked piece of plastic is not going in the stomach of a seal or tangling up a sea bird.Let yourself be inspired by the man who coined the 2MinuteBeachClean hashtag on Instagram, generating thousands of images and plastic picking activities around the world. And get yourself out and be part of a world-saving micro-adventure.

This is what you can do

Pick a time and bring friends with youSnap and share it to join the movement and inspire othersRecycle it so that it doesn’t find its way back into the oceansReduce your own use of plasticSupport an NGO lobbying governments and business against plastic, like GreenpeaceUse #2MinuteBeachClean and tag us @tyfadventure

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