Biomimicry for Better Design

Nature is proving to be humankind’s best teacher when it comes to lessons on good design, and today’s leaders can improve performance by learning how nature manages change, pressures and adaptation and then apply those lessons to their own organisations to get better results with less resources.

In this talk given at TEDx Bedford, I share ideas developed with my colleague Denise de Luca from Biomimicry for Creative Innovation. We we ask leaders and agents of change to start their quests and action by asking the question “fully taking emerging trends such as climate change, biodiversity loss, demographic shift, population increase and resource scarcity into account, what would the best outcome be, regardless of the resources needed to achieve it, or the know how to get there?” By starting with an ‘R10’ outcome such as ‘teach every child in my city to grow and cook food by the time that they’re 14’, we get reminded of the scale of epic change rather than the ‘stuckness’ of our current situation.

The lenses of Optimising, Resilient, Adaptive, Life-Supporting, Systems Based and Values Based can be used by leaders of communities, businesses or government as well as in our day to day lives as guiding principles to remind us of the things that count most when we’re building anything to last.

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