Super Sense

Tapping into the magic of unseen possibilities.

In partnership with the genius of Andy Shipley’s visually impaired team at Risky Business we developed Super Sense as a new programme that helps people shift the way that they receive, process and value the information on which they make decisions and build their understanding of relationships and the world around them.

Super Sense is best suited for those teams, leaders and individual employees that want to gain refreshed insights into the way that they collect, process and value information.

Super Sense

Super Sense was born at the Do Lectures in west Wales in the spring of 2013 on a cold, bright April day. TYF’s Andy Middleton was hosting a workshop to explore radical ways of re-engaging entire communities with the practicalities and joys of growing food, and was joined by Andy Shipley and his guide dog Winnie.

Conversations about perceptions and possibilities that started there continued on the coast in St.Davids as Andy Shipley and TYF’s guides explored nature and adventure in ways that could only be sensed by people without sight. The process was transformational, and led to a realisation of how effective visually impaired guides could be at helping those with 20:20 vision take in and appreciate some of the information that they might have been missing for a lifetime.

We spent a weekend in the woods testing and developing three new approaches and trialled Super Sense Essentials with a group of willing volunteers from the Environment Agency, who soon realised the startling power of new perspectives on their own behaviour and the way that they communicated with others.

The result was the development of three Super Sense programmes:

1. Super Sense Essentials
2. Super Sense Ecosystem
3. Super Sense Design

1. Super Sense Essentials

Process: a one day, experiential programme guided by a pair of Super Sense tutors (one visually impaired, one not) that takes groups on individual, paired and group explorations in nature, switching on the senses that they’d forgotten how to use. The magic is made relevant to to the workplace through reflection on the patterns, messages and information we take for granted, and the richness that can be regained by opening eyes, ears and other senses to other things already happening. Group ratio: 16:2.

Outcome: give teams, leaders and individual employees refreshed insights into the way that they collect, process and value information to strengthen and enhance individual and collective performance.

Investment: £1400 per group, ex VAT

2. Super Sense Ecosystem

Process: a one-night, one-day programme led by Andy Middleton and Andy Shipley to uncover the stories, histories and relationships that can drive or prevent open, constructive and appreciative dialogue. Starting with introductions and a sharing of the current context over dinner on the first evening the day programme sees pairs and small groups of people from different stakeholders exploring an appropriate natural environment through new senses, supported by someone who ‘sees’ differently to them before comparing notes over an extra-sensory lunch and afternoon of re-focusing shared challenges and outcomes with a clearer, more powerful lens. Group ratio 16:2

Outcome: bring stakeholders from different parts of the system together on a journey of rediscovering views, needs, connections and opportunities to start new conversations about what’s possible.

Investment: £2400 per group, ex VAT

3. Super Sense Design

Process: we take a fully tailored approach to work with design teams, industrial designers, client-contractor partnerships, architects and clients and help them see their work from completely new perspectives that combine TYF’s work on R10, reality-based outcomes and Andy Shipley’s insights into the ways that fuller engagement of other senses can work to everyone’s advantage.

Outcome: moving way beyond the ‘tick box’ of legal compliance to bring mutiple senses to play in the design of products, processes and spaces so that both sighted people and the increasing number of visually impaired both get richer, more productive experiences.

Investment: priced by project

Tutor Biographies

Andy Shipley is a 2013 Clore social Fellow. As a coach and facilitator Andy works with individuals, organisations and communities to become more inclusive and sit lightly on the Earth. Andy was a Commissioner for a Sustainable London 2012, and is a Director of two charities. He also advises the UK Government about inclusive design issues.
Andy Middleton is a social entrepreneur, facilitator and speaker with 25 years’ experience of helping leaders, individuals and groups make better decisions using clearer information and a wider view of reality. He is Founder Director of the TYF Group, a Founding Partner of the Do Lectures, a Board Member of Natural Resources Wales and director of two social enterprises.
James Goldsworthy is an AoEC Accredited Associate Executive coach and the founder of Alternate Visions Coaching based in Buckinghamshire. As a severely sight impaired coach facilitator he inspires Super Sense participants to explore themselves more deeply and broaden their thinking with a positive nature and a “can do” attitude. James has eight years of management and leadership experience from working in a variety of roles in the retail sector prior to losing his sight.

For further information, please contact:

Andy Shipley: 07702 849 479
Andy Middleton: 07778 678 754
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