25 years of innovation & change.

We’re privileged to live and work in Pembrokeshire, one of the most beautiful, inspirational and creative corners of the British Isles, where a tradition of exploration and reflection mixes gently in unspoiled natural environments. For 25 years, we have been leading innovators in the design of memorable learning experiences for organisations, teams and individuals.

Over the course of time, we’ve worked with thousands of participants from hundreds of clients in over a dozen countries. On the way, we’ve introduced the world to coasteering, started an organic hotel and co-created two of the UK’s biggest sustainability events.

We have a passion for pushing the boundaries of possibility for business, government and community clients, turning ideas into results through inspirational speaking, challenging facilitation and organisation development interventions that work. TYF are a founding partner for the inspirational Do Lectures established in 2008 and creators of the Hay on Earth Sustainability Seminars in 2009.

Today we continue to enable change, with an enviable network that includes world leading thinkers and doers.

Our facilitators catalyse the magic at annual gatherings, stakeholder or departmental events, focusing on the balance between knowledge, skill and attitude, and the changing context in which business operates. We help directors and teams get the balance right between cloud and concrete, thought and action.

Our speakers include 50 leading thinkers and doers with the experience and insight to inspire, inform and motivate staff on business trends, best practice and human potential.