How we think, our perceptions and mindset are often barriers to challenging old ways of thinking and to pursuing positive change. As individuals, we must realise the importance of looking at our strengths and weaknesses, what drives us and what stops us doing the things we want to do and are able to achieve.

At organisational level, we assist in identifying which individuals and teams can benefit the most, we give individuals the self confidence, insight and awareness to drive changes into their lives and work that have a profound effect on the way they think and the actions they take.

Slipstream Wales

Slipstream Wales is a project managed by TYF to establish Wales as a high performance training camp for radical action on sustainability. Slipstream Wales will bring together 15 of the world’s most progressive businesses to work with teams in Wales and each other to discover how fast and how deeply they can make change when cooperation, innovation and confidence replace bureaucracy, hesitation and silo working.

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Do Collective

A loose network of highly talented people, made up exclusively of speakers from the Do Lectures over the last 6 years. A network that oozes entrepreneurial spirit across many fields; from businessmen to scientists, from politicians to environmentalists, from authors to bloggers, to film makers… If you want to look at solving problems in a different way, give us a call to discuss the Do Collective.

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Institute of Sustainable Practice, Innovation and Resource Effectiveness (INSPIRE) – As Associate Director of INSPIRE, Andy Middleton is working with University of Wales – Trinity Saint David to embed Sustainable Development through the learning, teaching, curricula, campus, community and culture of Trinity Saint David to ensure that future graduates are globally aware and responsible citizens in the 21st century.

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Hay on Earth

TYF sponsored and launched first Hay on Earth Innovation Seminars in 2008, bringing leading sustainability practitioners from public and private sector together for four days of ideas sharing, collaboration and networking. We hosted the launch of Wales’ new Sustainable Development Scheme and the Sustainable Development Charter and in 2010, created the Green Dragon’s Den which is still an annual highlight.

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Enviropass is our environmental training programme that provides managers and employees alike with the tools to help manage long term sustainability and environmental impacts for their business. It helps organisations effectively manage their resources, boost their environmental and sustainability credentials and provide evidence of action, results and benefits developed by directors, managers and operational employees.

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Biomimicry for Creative Innovation and Kew Gardens

We work with BCI and Kew using nature as a model for radical change, to create businesses that are fit for the future. Kew focuses on student learning for ethical consumerism, agriculture & trading and sustainable farming & production of goods.

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