Andy MacDonald

TYF Guide

Originally from Hull, my parent would take us on camping adventures to escape the town – this lead to kayaking, my main passion.

Kayaking and the outdoors has taken me all over the world to places I would have never even thought of going. I have spent the last 15 years living in Austria kayaking and snowboarding the Alps – an amazing place for an outdoor lifestyle.

The beach is calling and I’m back in Pembrokeshire to live the coast life. Let’s see what’s next.

What’s your next big personal project?

To travel across New Zealand exploring it’s rivers and surf. I would also like to visit some adventure centres and see how they do it.

Where is your favourite place?

I’m still looking. There have been plenty of amazing places.

Who motivates you?

People with a passion, it may be sports or commitment to do whatever makes them happy – people who drive to make new ideas happen.

What’s your speciality?

Kayaking, food, fun. We should all be having a good time.