Learning outcomes

Our programmes provide a wealth of rich experiences which are useful back in the classroom.

There are explicit links to National Curriculum subjects including geography, science and PSHCEE, to help reinforce classroom based learning. Topics like balancing, forces, propulsion and vectors can be explained in terms of propelling a kayak or setting up a climb.

We are passionate about delivering quality outdoor adventure activities that incorporate key learning outcomes without impacting on the natural adventure elements that make our programmes so unique. Our team are always on hand to offer support ensuring that the quality of your visit is at itʼs best.

Examples of Learning outcomes:

  • build stronger team spirit

  • bond with class mates
  • increase personal confidence
  • learn from natureʼs designs (perfect examples of biomimicry)
  • biology (study of rock pool life, seaweeds)
  • geology (learn more about coastal erosion, caves and 
arches, rock types)
  • get smarter at understanding and managing risk, goals and performance
  • wave technology and wave science
  • wave power and renewables
  • have fun and play on the wild Pembrokeshire coast
  • develop skills and confidence to take their learning back to school

Call 01437 721611 and talk to the team to discuss options to suit your group.

ʻOur kids are still talking about the fun they had and I have no doubt that they will be doing so for some time! As usual, I have nothing but praise for the whole experience” Ken Annis, Academic Deputy Head, Edgeborough School.