Example schools programmes

TYF’s residential and day programmes are perfect for groups of young people, aged 8+.

We specialise in creating one to five day bespoke courses to ensure you can achieve the right result to suit your schools needs and requirements.

Our schools programmes help boost personal and social development, self-confidence, creativity, decision making, action planning and teach children to manage challenges and change. At any point you wish, we will provide risks assessments, our Public Liability insurance, and our AALA License, to make things a little easier for you.

Every schools programme we run is unique so the programmes below are just an idea of how a week or weekend at TYF might look:

TYF Adventure - 100% Pure Adventure Programme


100% Pure Adventure

Our 100% pure adventure programme gives every individual an opportunity to achieve at what ever their limit is. Surf, swells, cliffs, wild life and fresh air all combine to produce an emotional experience that really enhances the personal challenges, team building and outdoor education that occurs.

The programme provides the foundation for new friendships, provides real challenge, promotes resilience, teamwork and communication skills, and promotes a love of adventure which goes on long after the course has ended. One to five day programmes staying at a choice of locations in the UK’s only Coastal National Park are available.

Email play@tyf.com for more information on this programme.

TYF Adventure - Leadership Transition Programme


Leadership Transition

It’s really important to us that pupils connect with each other, with teachers and the natural environment. Our leadership transition programme is a fantastic way for pupils to bond, build relationships, develop trust and confidence in each other at the beginning of a term.

We can deliver our Leadership Transition programme at the best time that suits you. 12 months of the year.

Email play@tyf.com for more information on this programme.

TYF Adventure - Environmental Adventure Programme


Environmental adventure week

The TYF Group was built on a deep care for the environment. Through everything we do we aim to have as minimal impact on the environment as possible.

This programme is designed to pass on 26 years of experience, passion and knowledge enabling pupils to gain the tools and skills needed to have positive impacts in school, local communities and businesses.

Email play@tyf.com for more information on this programme.

TYF Adventure - Life Skills Programme


Life Skills Programme

The challenges confronted in adventure can encourage a way of thinking about risk, attitude and choice that is often different from those found in day-to-day life. Success, in challenging situations, helps to increase self-confidence, creates lasting memories, and helps build a more positive attitude towards ourselves and others.

Overcoming discomfort or uneasiness, can be connected to everyday issues such as effort and reward, focus & motivation, personal dreams & goals and the overall importance of attitude as a defining feature of success. Where our adventure playground doesn’t provide what’s needed, we design engaging, experiential & fun exercises that help young people make the links between their time with us and what they can do back home.

Email play@tyf.com for more information on this programme.


ʻThe Lower Sixth Leadership Transition Course provided by TYF on an annual basis for our pupils has become not only one of the highlights of the pupilsʼ school careers, but one of the distinctive features of our school offering” Emma Taylor – Headmistress, Christ College.


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