What we do

We make good things happen faster.

We do this by helping people rethink what’s possible by weaving context, imagination, creativity and confidence into everything that they do. We design memorable learning interventions to create action and change.

TYF provide an exhilarating range of programmes and services, that include ground-breaking day-long experiences such as project24, the Do Lectures, keynote speakers and team effectiveness exercises through to large scale events and consultation for government-led projects.

We work with clients in public and private sector, providing programmes taliored to suit specific requirements; recent additions to our constantly expanding portfolio include Wild Innovation, Free My People and the Adventures in Learning series. With experiential learning exercises that range from ‘deep dives’ into biomimicry and systems, to ‘forward-to-basics’ skills such as wood & food foraging, beach art and pizza making, choice is wide and deep.

Read on to explore how we can help with design & innovation, enabling networks, organisational performance, team effectiveness, personal development and events & speaking.

“We have to change, not a little but radically. Not later, but now. Not with today’s business thinking but with a new set of skills. And we have to do this with energy and we have to understand that there is no plan B, as there isn’t in Marks & Spencer.”

Stuart Rose, Outgoing Chairman, M&S

+Design and Innovation
Design and innovation, two of the most significant factors in terms of delivering competitive edge in design, development and delivery of the organisations products and services. Both depend on awareness of context, confidence, insight and execution.

To make change we:

- help develop understanding of the creative process and
how invention becomes innovation.

- turn design and systems thinking into decision making

- create environments for the imagination to make design
and innovation part of the team.

“Good design is good business”

“Thank you both for last Thursday’s fantastic launch of our journey. My own personal view, shared I’m sure by Mark, is that you got it as close to perfect as these things can ever get.”

Veronica Wheatley
Director of Learning & Development (Ogilvy & Mather)

+Enabling Networks
TYF are systems thinkers, breaking down silos and barriers to create networks that mimic ecosystems in their depth and potential. Our own networks include the Do Lectures, BCI, Atos Origin, the Cambridge Programme for Sustainable Leadership and Schumacher College.

We help people with little experience of work outside a narrow job function understand how to work effectively with the broader system, making it impossible to deal with complex change.

We make connections between organisations, communities and groups; we talk to experts in their fields, pool their knowledge and cross-pollinate ideas. By leveraging our existing extensive networks, we can make strong, new and vibrant connections with anyone we work with and can get people up to speed on the potential of working at a broader level.

“Collaborate with the best”

+Organisational Performance
As the world changes, organisations must adapt or be prepared to put up with the consequences of an increasing uncertain future. Sustainability is playing an increasingly central role in businesses’ brand and innovation strategies, with the knowledge that it is and will continue to be a source of business innovation as well as a source of new business opportunity.

TYF introduces ‘whole system’ change with development programmes that align appropriate behaviours, rewards and incentives behind the drivers most important for a low carbon, zero waste future. Services include strategic implementation, change and risk management, design and innovation, climate change and CSR.

We also provide the EnviroPass sustainability foundation in partnership with Providence Training – a 1 day environmental awareness programme for frontline employees.

“Outdo yourself”

“Never has staff feedback been so positive about a learning experience.”

Roger Thomas
Chief Executive,
Countryside Council for Wales

+Team Efectiveness
Rarely before has the need for collaboration, coordination, common values and shared value been as strong as it is now in terms of creating conditions for organisational success. Effective teams need sharp awareness of the changing context of materials, energy and business models, clear understanding of their current performance and a sense of pure vision…of what they’d set out to achieve if possibiity was uncontaminated by fear, budget, time or history.

We create development programmes for new teams, remote teams, departments with new directors, sporting squads and entire businesses, ensuring that all players understand and connect purpose, passion and results.

TYF’s team effectiveness programmes help participants develop new perspectives, improve decision-making, prioritisation and increase their influence whilst taking the rapidly changing business environment into account.

TYF’s team programmes help people become Doers.

“share a vision, smash goals”

“I came to you as part of a corporate group…it was a wonderful experience, gave me a great deal to think about and at the same time, you have given me wonderful memories to look back on.”

Julian Preston
American Express

+Personal Development
With 25 years experience of delivering personal development programmes in a dozen countries for delegates in organisations large and small, we’ve learned a lot about the connections between mind and body, context and goals that determine whether or not people are able to fulfil their potential.

TYF’s personal development programmes are design-led, outcome-based journeys into possibility, that include the psychology of performance, wellbeing and fulfulment . We push people outside their comfort zone to set unreasonable, playful targets, helping them know and expand their capabilities and capacity.

TYF also provide one-to-one or team based coaching and mentoring to help people with the skills, insights and strategies that give them the authority and confidence to lead change towards a more fulfilling and sustainable world.

Our tried and tested Pembroke Programme continues to evolve and delight clients, and now includes modules on biomimicry and the use of improvisation techniques to manage in rapidly changing environments.

“take a journey that could change your life”

“The session was very highly rated by delegates…passionate and refreshing…he took risks and made a difference – I wish other speakers had the courage”

Cambridge Programme for Industry

+Events and Speaking
TYF has the creative capacity and experience to produce and deliver world class events to audiences of any scale. We excel at delivering results with memories to last a lifetime.

Our facilitators can work with clients to coordinate annual, stakeholder or departmental events, focusing on the balance of knowledge, skill and attitude…the key factors to drive change and action in target areas by moving issues from cloud to concrete.

Through the right networks, TYF has access to some of the worlds top thinkers and doers, who inspire, motivate and inform people on the latest and greatest actions and trends from design to business to food and farming. Ask us about the Do Collective for inspiration.

“Inspiration on wheels”