Multiactivity weekend breaks

Whether you’re looking for a relaxing retreat in awesome surroundings, or two days full-on adventure weekend, then TYF Adventure has the ideal break for you.

TYF No Limits weekend break, packs in four half-day adventures, giving you the chance to kayak along the stunning Pembrokeshire coast, climb and abseil off some of the best sea cliffs in the UK, coasteer – the sport TYF pioneered over 24 years ago and surf on some of Europe’s most beautiful beaches. It’s the perfect weekend to taste the very best extreme activities in the country.

TYF Spirit of Adventure break is a more relaxing weekend, taking just two half-day activities over the weekend. You can choose any two of our four core activities from coasteering, kayaking, surfing or climbing.

We can design an adventure weekend package just for you, arranging accommodation (we highly recommend our eco-camp right on the edge of the coast, a 3 minutes walk to three out of four activities) or we can find something to suit your specific needs.

Whichever break you choose, you’ll return home fully refreshed and ready for the week ahead.

Call us on 01437 721611, or Email us on for more information on our Adventure weekends.

What to bring with you


  • Old trainers
  • Old shorts to go on top of the wetsuit
  • Swimming costume/bikini or trunks
  • Towel


  • Old trainers
  • Swimming costume/bikini or trunks
  • Towel


  • Swimming costume/bikini or trunks
  • Towel

Rock Climbing

  • Comfortable trousers (ideally not jeans)
  • Well fitted shoes (slim/lightweight shoes are good)

Warm hat, a fleece and a waterproof jacket/trousers will help to keep you comfortable in Pembrokeshire.


If you want to bring a camera on a kayak, surf or coasteering session it will need to be waterproof and durable. TYF will not be held liable for any breakages. We do sell disposable waterproof cameras in the shop. TYF also have a waterproof HD camera but when we’re busy we can’t promise it will be available for your group.

Can I wear my glasses?

If you have contact lenses then wear them. If you need to wear your glasses on session then it’s a good idea to wear a retainer to hold them onto your head, if you don’t have a retainer we sell them in the shop.

We are happy for you to make use of our collection of old trainers and old shorts from the centre if you don’t have any of your own.

Call 01437 721611 and talk to the team to discuss options to suit you or your group.