Never stop exploring...#tyfadventure #pembrokeshire #kayaking #goodforlife #visitwales  Chewbacca and the Yeti have dropped into TYF rocking the new @patagonia conejo and pelage jackets! #tyfadventure  Beautiful afternoon for a rock pool safari #kellykettlehotchoc  TYF Guide Sam Charleworth enjoying his kayak session this afternoon #tyfadventure  Routine hire bike maintenance @tyfadventure  We celebrate the ancient TYF tradition of #cakethursday every week. Best. Office. Ever. x  Reflection time for Adcote School just before they head home.. Thanks guys you've been ace!!  The @priors_field pro surfers in action today with @tyfadventure  A beautiful evening to start Westminster School's bi-annual trip to Pembrokeshire #wildswimming  The boys from @CaldicottTrips enjoying the crag some talented climbers this week @TYFAdventure
 Be brave. #tyfadventure #pembrokeshire #climbing #goodforlife  We love dog sitting for people on sessions! @tyfadventure #tyfadventure #tyfguides  Huw found some new wheels to play on!  Coasteering fun with RGSW #tyfadventure  RGSW students about to head out for a trip around Ramsey. #tyfadventure  Wow it's been an incredible week so far and it's not over yet!!  @ECSYear6 word art of their week @TYFAdventure - Inspiring was the most popular word - lush!  Beautiful early evening stroll with the students from @priors_field #freshair @tyfadventure  @CaldicottTrips: Big thanks to the @TYFGuides for the books. Boys are straight in and enjoying them!  The guys from @CaldicottTrips heading down for some climbing.. Great work boys. #tyfadventure
 With the new Yulex, everyone's a hero. @patagonia #yulex #tyfadventure #tyfshop #batman #hero  The Sunshine is helping us to show off our new headquarters sign at No.1 High Street, St Davids. Please pop in if you're passing by!  This is the happiest we have ever seen our shop manager! #tyfadventure @tyfadventure  RGSW having an amazing time with @tyfadventure in this beautiful weather today  Next generation of @tyfadventure guides in training!!  See you again soon @priors_field ladies - you've been awesome - Thanks!!  Spot of lunchtime entertainment @TYFAdventure by TYF's Head Guide @Johnbyrom81 #legend  @CaldicottTrips: "Nice final touch by @TYFGuides handing out cards to each of the boys with some inspiring words on. Thank you."  a pre surf warm up game #feathergame #tyfadventure  The very first PV panel goes up at @TYFgroup HQ, helping to power our imaginations for the years ahead.