Huw found some new wheels to play on!  Coasteering fun with RGSW #tyfadventure  RGSW students about to head out for a trip around Ramsey. #tyfadventure  Wow it's been an incredible week so far and it's not over yet!!  @ECSYear6 word art of their week @TYFAdventure - Inspiring was the most popular word - lush!  Beautiful early evening stroll with the students from @priors_field #freshair @tyfadventure  @CaldicottTrips: Big thanks to the @TYFGuides for the books. Boys are straight in and enjoying them!  The guys from @CaldicottTrips heading down for some climbing.. Great work boys. #tyfadventure  Some @Edgeborough students having fun in the sun @TYFAdventure  Developing confidence and communication through enhancing your non visual senses #Supersense
 This is the happiest we have ever seen our shop manager! #tyfadventure @tyfadventure  RGSW having an amazing time with @tyfadventure in this beautiful weather today  Next generation of @tyfadventure guides in training!!  See you again soon @priors_field ladies - you've been awesome - Thanks!!  Spot of lunchtime entertainment @TYFAdventure by TYF's Head Guide @Johnbyrom81 #legend  @CaldicottTrips: "Nice final touch by @TYFGuides handing out cards to each of the boys with some inspiring words on. Thank you."  a pre surf warm up game #feathergame #tyfadventure  The very first PV panel goes up at @TYFgroup HQ, helping to power our imaginations for the years ahead.  Blue sky's above Caldicott School  The final few leaps for the week for @ECSYear6 @TYFAdventure
 TYF Guide Sam Charleworth enjoying his kayak session this afternoon #tyfadventure  Routine hire bike maintenance @tyfadventure  We celebrate the ancient TYF tradition of #cakethursday every week. Best. Office. Ever. x  Reflection time for Adcote School just before they head home.. Thanks guys you've been ace!!  The @priors_field pro surfers in action today with @tyfadventure  A beautiful evening to start Westminster School's bi-annual trip to Pembrokeshire #wildswimming  The boys from @CaldicottTrips enjoying the crag some talented climbers this week @TYFAdventure  Happy belated birthday Nayfe! #birthdaybanjo #tyfadventure  @CaldicottTrips have arrived and what better start to the week than to get down the beach in this amazing sunshine!  Bumped into Tony Robinson AKA Baldrick on our way to a morning coasteer!